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Among other strange ideas entertained by Protestants respecting the religion of Catholics, there is a very general belief that we have well nigh given up the worship of our Blessed Lord. The idolatrous worship of saints and angels and “graven images” is supposed to have long since taken its place; trust in our own merits to have banished all “saving faith” in His; and our hearts to be so filled up with creatures, that we have no room to give to the love and worship of Jesus. Such opinion in the mouths of the many is, indeed, but the expression of prejudice and hatred; but others we believe there are who entertain the same notion in sincere ignorance, and more by their misfortune than their fault. For such persons we cannot but feel charitably solicitous, and to them alone are the following pages addressed.

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Upcoming Entries


I’m well aware that, although it’s been over a month since I started this blog, I still haven’t written anything past the obligatory introduction. I suppose part of this could be attributed to a sort of perpetual writer’s block. The written word doesn’t come easily to me; it was a common practice of mine in college to pull an all-nighter every time I had a paper due. Lately, even in my interpersonal interactions (where I am typically the one doing most of the talking), I have felt more inclined to listen than speak. Thus, advertising my thoughts on the internet simply hasn’t been a priority for me in recent days.

I do have plans, though, to prevent Thulcandra from simply remaining inert and collecting the cyberspace equivalent of dust. As I mentioned in my first entry, I was browsing the shelves of the Main Library at UC Berkeley when I ran across a compilation of Catholic apologetics tracts dating from the mid-19th century and bearing the title Church of Our Fathers; since they’re long out-of-print and undoubtedly in the public domain, I figured it might be worthwhile to transcribe the more interesting essays here.

Now, I’ve already stated that I have no intention of making this an apologetics site. At this point in my life, I am definitely more desirous of talking to God than about Him. That being said, I will post those tracts that I think would be worth a read, and for three reasons.

The first is my aforementioned writer’s block. Transcribing someone else’s works will, if nothing else, serve as a placeholder for this blog and keep me coming back to it until the time comes when I find myself able to write something of my own.

The second is that I have a friend who may find these tracts worth reading. For privacy’s sake I won’t say more than that; in any event the internet, and blogs in particular, can serve as an excellent medium for making a body of knowledge public.

In that same vein is my third and final reason: Church of Our Fathers is old and falling apart and not likely to be reprinted anytime soon. Their contents aren’t the finest examples of the genre I’ve come across, but they’re worth preserving and may be useful to someone beyond.

So be on the lookout for a whole slew of entries in the days to come. I hope to have the first one up by the 27th of this month, the 28th at the latest.

That’s all for now.

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