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A litel childe there is ibore
Ispronge out of Jesses more
To save alle us that were forlore
Gloria tibi domine

Jhesus that is so fulle of might
Ibore he was aboute midnight
The angel songe with alle here might
Gloria tibi domine

Jhesus is that childes name
Maide and moder is his dame
And so oure sorow is turned to game
Gloria tibi domine

Three kinges there came with here presence
Of mirre and golde and frankencense
As clerkes singe in here sequence
Gloria tibi domine

Now sitte we downe upon oure knee
And pray that child that is so free
And with gode herte now sing we
Gloria tibi domine


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Shawn Tribe over at The New Liturgical Movement has posted a brief but excellent piece on the need for beauty in liturgical settings.¬† Here’s an excerpt:

Beauty is a problem only if it is distorted in such a way as to make it narcissistic; even then, the problem is not with beauty itself, which exists as a reflection of the Divine, but simply with our approach to it.

A proper approach (and it is important that we make this approach) would see us clothe the sacred mysteries in beauty so that we might render to God the fruits of our labours in a way befitting the dignity of the sacred realities which occur in each and every Mass — in short, making it of itself a part of the act of worship, surrounding that which is primary in this regard: the mystical re-offering of Calvary.

 Read the rest here.

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